If you are a golfer, then you will be in awe of the course at the Beech Mountain Club.  All 18 holes are nestled within the ridge of the backside of Beech Mountain.  It has soGolfme of the most magnificent views, my favorite being the 9th tee box which sits a few hundred feet above the course.  Yes, you actually tee-off on a cliff overlooking the fairway.

The course is open seven days a week from May through to October.  This is a members-only club, however, access to the course is available to non-members through the rental of qualified lodging.  I recommend either going through the club itself via their link, Beech Mountain Club Rental Properties or if using VRBO or a similar site, make sure to use “club member” as a search criteria.

There are other courses in the area, though I have really only ever played at Beech.  But Sugar has its own course.  It is a par 64 (instead of 70-72) so it’s going to be shorter than the typical 18 hole course.  But its also open to anyone (not a club) and pretty affordable, so if you’re not the super-serious player, this may be a great option for you.

Mountain Glen is another option that is about 30 minutes from the top of Beech.

Elk River and Grandfather Golf and Country Clubs are also great courses, but both also require a membership, or access thereto, to play.

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