Winter Activities

The winter is the peak season on Beech Mountain.  Given the elevation, there is typically more snow atop Beech Mountain than any other incorporated city in the South East.

  1. beech-mountain-resort-squarelogo-1467112680241Beech Mountain Resort.  Ski Beech is in the midst of a massive investment that should be a huge difference-maker for the resort.  They are replacing one high-speed quad with an upgraded one, but also replacing another lift that was an old, slow, two-seater with yet another high-speed quad.  As a result, they will now have the ability to move twice as many people to the top of the mountain as before.  Look, no one is going to mistake this place for West Coast skiing.  As someone who grew up skiing and riding in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California and Lake Tahoe, Mammoth this is not.  BUT, the elevation provides cold temps, their investment over the years in snowmaking (100% mountain coverage) provides the best conditions possible in the area, and they have a wide array of beginner-to-advanced runs and a terrain park so that riders and skiers of all levels will have someplace to enjoy.
  2. Beech Mountain Sled Hill
    • This is a great, free option for families during the winter.  They even blow snow on the sled hill to help the coverage.  Inside tip: this place can get pretty crazy-busy during peak winter weekends.  Get there early, then get out of there before the chaos as I have seen kids get hurt way too many times.  From adults that don’t follow the “12 and under” only policy, to kids that insist on trying to walk back up the face of the hill as other are sliding down rather than taking the stairs along the side of the hill, it can sometimes be painful to watch.  But with good timing and great conditions, your kids will have a blast with this free activity.
  3. Beech Mountain Tubing
    • If you want to hit the slopes without hitting the slopes, then Beech has an option for you.  This is a great option for the littler ones.  It does sell out, they sell tickets for ~ 2-hour sessions, so make sure to plan in advance.  Price varies if its the weekend or weekday, but either way you’re going to pay about $30.
  4. Beech Mountain Ice Skating
    • Ski Beech has a 7000 square foot outdoor rink in the center of the village for the Dorothy Hamill in you (yeah, I just dated myself).  Children 4 and under can even skate (er, fall) for free!

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