Who’s Ready for Winter?!

Winter on Beech Mountain can be unpredictable, to say the least.  I have been stuck inside by near-impassible roads, and outside grilling in shorts deep into December.  But any Beech Mountain local knows one thing about weather, if you want accurate information then your only true source is RaysWeather.com.  Weather.com and others can aggregate directional information, but considering the fact that the temperature can vary by more than 10 degrees between Beech and Banner Elk, just a mile down the mountain, you simply need to go to a local source to get real information.  That’s what Ray does for you.

Ray’s site specific to Beech is right here.  There you can get a 5-day forecast highlighted by his patented rating noted by golf balls, 5 golf balls indicating “Bosses, you’d better stand at the door,” to one golf ball meaning the weather is, “Only for the ducks or polar bears.”

One particular highlight to Ray’s Weather is his annual Winter Fearless Forecast.  If Ray is to be trusted, then you better buy your Beech Mountain Season Passes now, before the prices go up on Oct. 31st.  In short, Ray’s Fearless Forecast is calling for:

  • Snow totals 15% above the 10-year averages
  • Temps 1-2 degrees colder than average
  • Cold and Snow relative to average will be most extreme during the heart of winter (January and February)
  • Specifically, the call is for 100″ of total snow on Beech Mountain this winter!


I guess it is because I visit Beech as a vacation destination and not my home, but that sounds pretty awesome to me!


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