Mountain Biking


There is some of the very best mountain biking in the East on Beech Mountain.

  1. Beech BikeIf flying downhill is your thing, then the Beech Mountain Resort has what you need.  They are repairing the lifts right now, but normally you will throw your bike on the lift and ride it up to the top.  This summer, however, they have a shuttle running you to the top.  you can buy a pass for a single ride, unlimited rides for the day or a summer pass.  They do limit the number of tickets they sell each day, so make sure to call or purchase them in advance.
  2. Emerald OutbackIf you’re more of the cross-country or enduro rider than downhill, then the Emerald Outback is for you.  This is a park with 7 miles of trails, most of which is single track.  They range from the easy to the really challenging.  There are roots, dips, jumps, and climbs, something for every level of rider and the trails are well marked.  Plus, you’re also at the top of Beech Mountain and will occasionally get a magnificent view.  Best part, Emerald Outback is completely free.

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