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Music and wine are two of my very favorite things to enjoy, so my wife and I have sought out many an activity in and around these two things.

  1. GV-logo-copyGrandfather Vineyard.  This is quite possibly the best place to spend an afternoon during the summertime.  You’re about 15 minutes from the top of Beech, the wine is actually quite good (I’m not a sommelier by any means, but I have had some good wine in my lifetime) and on weekends they have live music and food trucks (check their site for confirmation).  Otherwise, you can either buy some wine and cheese in the gift shop or bring a picnic of your own.  The kids can play in the creek and will have a great time in their own right, while you enjoy the beautiful weather and a flight, or bottle, of wine.
  2. Banner ElkBanner Elk Winery.  While not quite as good as the wine at grandfather, the advantage of this place is it is located right at the bottom of the mountain.  If you’re adventurous, a really great thing to do is to call the White Wolf Lodge and rent some bikes, they will give you a map of a fun gravel road down the backside of the mountain where the views are spectacular, and you will end right at the winery where you can call them up and then come down with a bike trailer and haul you back up to the top, after you have sampled a few of the wines, of course.  The grounds are beautiful and this, too, is a fantastic place to spend an afternoon.
  3. Concerts Beech Alpin Inn.  On Sunday nights in the summertime, there are not too many better places to be than on the giant lawn behind the Beech Alpen Inn, enjoying some live music.  You can either get there a little early and get a table with the sit-down restaurant and enjoy some food and drink (their trout is always spectacular) or if you are looking for something more casual then they also sell pizza and burgers from the lawn, as well.  If you’re lucky, there are deer that also frequent the area and they make an appearance, too.
  4. Music and Outdoor Movie Night at the Famous Brick Oven Pizza.  In addition to their great pizza restaurant (you can read my review of their food here), The Famous Brick Oven also plays host to live music on Friday nights, a bounce house and other inflatables for the young kids, and then when the sun goes down they have a giant, outdoor movie screen where they play some classic kids movies.  The best part is, this is all for free (unless you eat dinner there, of course)!
  5. Land of OzI invite you to read up on the history of the Land of Oz as it is super-interesting.  The short of it is, when Beech was originally being developed in the 60s and 70s, the developers looked to borrow themes from the Wizard of Oz to help Beech become a year-round attraction.  This is left-over from then and is a great attraction to check out when open.

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  1. Oz Team says:

    In reference to Land of Oz, people are mot allowed to walk in during off days. There is 24 hour security with cameras, patrols signage and fencing. Please do not encourage people as they will be met with an arrest for trespassing.


    1. jchallis says:

      I updated my post, accordingly. Thanks for checking us out!


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