Things To Do

The reason why my family and I love Beech Mountain so much is that, regardless of the season, there is no shortage of activities to do on and around Beech Mountain.  Whether is skiing and snowboarding in the winter, or hiking and water holes in the summer, if you want to be outside, then Beech Mountain is a destination for you.


There is really only one main reason people come up in the winter-time and that is for skiing and snowboarding.  Click here to learn more about what Ski Beech has to offer.


The Fall and Summer are truly my favorite times on the Mountain.  The winter feeds the economy up here, but the warmer seasons are when it’s at its most beautiful.  There is a host of hiking, biking and other activities that will surely suit everyone in the family.

Hiking and Water Holes

  1. Lower Pond Creek Trail
  2. Upper Pond Creek Trail
  3. Grandfather Mountain Hike: Profile Trail
  4. Trash Can Falls
  5. Snakes Pit
  6. Linville Falls
  7. Elk River Falls
  8. Linville Falls
  9. Twisting falls

Mountain Biking

  1. Mountain Bike
    1. Downhill
    2. Emerald Outback

Other Fun Activities

Music and wine are two of my very favorite things to enjoy, so my wife and I have sought out many an activity in and around these two things.

  1. Emerald Mountain
  2. Banner Elk Winery
  3. Grandfather Mountain Winery
  4. Concerts Beech Alpin Inn
  5. Outdoor movie Friday night Brick Oven